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AITEC has built up extensive expertise and can offer programs across the following areas. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Industry-Education Program Management


As industry responds to increasing challenges and international competition, it increasingly looks to differentiate through capability. Yet, the education community operates with very different objectives and processes to industry or government and navigating the complex and often bewildering world of advanced education can be both daunting and cost- and time-ineffective.

AITEC has bridged the gap between industry and education for over 20 years and has personnel with deep understanding of the programs, systems and processes of universities and TAFEs. This experience and expertise enables AITEC to efficiently navigate and engage with universities on behalf of industry and to help industry achieve what they need from such education providers.

AITEC manages national education programs on behalf of industry or government clients, reducing client costs as well as helping clients to achieve their required tailored programs without loss of focus on core business. From simple brokering of programs and courses through to designing and developing advanced post-graduate programs and courses or even advanced internet-based national student administration and management, AITEC has the experience and expertise to provide a "one-stop shop" service centre on behalf of industry or government organisations.

Educational Program and Project Management

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Since its inception, AITEC has demonstrated a strong capability to project manage complex education and training projects across Australia and overseas. The company's expertise and experience enables confidence when out-sourcing education and training management whilst retaining full awareness of project status and total control.

A key area in which clients have actively sought AITEC's services is that of educational program management. AITEC offers "behind the scenes" secretariat services to support educational programs on behalf of corporate clients.

Education and Training (including e-Learning)

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