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The following is a brief summary of some of the many projects undertaken successfully by AITEC for its clients in the ICT sector:


Nokia E-Learning Guide Development

AITEC prepared demonstration guides in multiple languages to assist student engaging with Nokia's corporate e-learning offerings.

Nokia BSS E-Learning Localisation

AITEC supported Nokia with localisation activities to translate and customise e-learning for the four languages of Thai, Chinese, Italian and Spanish.


Nokia E-Learning Framework

AITEC undertook enhancements to Nokia's system-wide e-learning framework for learners. This framework was used by all e-learning vendors and developers for interfacing to the Nokia LMS.

Nokia Proprietary Training

AITEC provided experienced presenters to present proprietary programs on behalf of Nokia for such clients as Vodafone NZ, Timecel Malaysia and Optus (formerly Cable & Wireless Optus).

Nokia Asia Pacific and International 3G Training Assessment

AITEC provided education support for Nokia Asia Pacific on developing assessment items for over 100 learning modules in the 3G and 2.5G mobile communication subject areas.

Nokia Finland

Nokia Finland - BSS Release Multilanguage E-Learning Development

AITEC developed 17 new e-learning modules to support Nokia's client engineers and technical personnel with enhanced features of its latest release. This e-learning featured AICC compatible re-usable content and structures with easily adaptable language choices for learners.


Nokia Finland - OSS & ATM Manager E-Learning Development

AITEC was engaged to develop new e-learning modules to support Nokia's client engineers and technical personnel with enhanced features of its Operating Support Systems.

Nokia Finland - BSS Release E-learning Development

AITEC has successfully completed the development of a suite of new modules of e-learning focused on the latest software release for Nokia's BSS. This e-learning features learner-adaptive content including audio and assessment as well as new template development for Nokia's new feature specifications.

Nokia Finland - 3G Release Module Assessment Re-development

AITEC updated assessment functionality for a range of existing modules of e-learning for Nokia.

Nokia Finland - EDGE Module Re-development

AITEC completed the re-development of 6 modules of e-learning on EDGE technology, designing an innovative template for future development by Nokia and which was well received.

Nokia mobile

Nokia Finland - OSS Release 3 Modules Development

AITEC completed the design and development of 13 Internet Based Learning modules on the latest upgrade of their Operating Support System.

Nokia Finland - GPRS Release 2 Module Re-development

AITEC completed the re-development of 4 Internet Based Learning modules based Nokia's new release GPRS features.

Nokia Finland - Internet Based Learning (IBL)

AITEC developed an Internet Based Learning program in relation to 2.5G General Packet Radio Services after an international competitive tender process. The project was an outstanding success.

Nokia Finland - TCP/IP for General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)

This program was developed for Nokia's international training division for use by Nokia's international trainers. It was a complex training course of 3 days' duration dealing with one of the 2.5G mobile communication radio technologies.

AITEC was required to liaise with European-based co-ordinators and successfully meet extremely tight deadlines (this project was re-assigned from another contractor to AITEC). AITEC's responsibilities included the development of the course along with the materials production for the trainer's guide and participant's manual. Naturally, AITEC was also responsible for maintaining a strong information and communication process with Nokia's European-based project personnel.

Nokia Finland - Broadband Internet Protocol Access (BIPA) Program

This program was also developed for Nokia's international training division for use by Nokia's international trainers. The course was a very broad-ranging program, with a significant variety of broadband technologies addressed within this 3-day program.

AITEC's responsibilities included the design, development and materials production for both the trainer's guide and participants' manual and, as with TCP/IP for GPRS, for maintaining an effective communication process with Nokia's project personnel located in Europe. AITEC received positive feedback for not only the end product but also for our process.


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Optus Business Technology Training

AITEC delivered customised and tailored training to sales force personnel in the generic business technologies as well as the corporate products of Optus. A series of programs were delivered throughout Australia on behalf of Optus.

Optus Communications - Business Technology Training

AITEC worked with Optus Communications formerly (Cable & Wireless Optus) in the development and delivery of proprietary Business Technology Training for their Data and Business Sales team. AITEC delivered this training to over 200 staff across 4 states over two years. AITEC also developed a short course on Voice Networks and Systems.


Telstra IGE System 12 Training

AITEC developed and delivered a three day short course on System 12 for the Telstra International Gateway Staff to be delivered on location.

Spherion-Telstra Training Consortium

AITEC was part of the Spherion-led consortium to provide training services to Telstra Australia in technical subject areas.

Telecommunications Antenna

Telstra International

AITEC was selected by Telstra International to develop and deliver many programs:

These programs combined formal training, site visits, guest speakers and project activities to provide an enriched, cultural and technical learning experience. The programs offered both structured learning experiences as well as the opportunity to explore concepts and practices in a co-operative manner. The training was conducted at the AITEC Education Centre supported by a dedicated Project Manager.

Telstra International - Network Management

AITEC was a regular supplier to Telstra International (Viet Nam) for training services. AITEC designed, developed and implemented this particular program for Telstra International's Viet Nam personnel. This 5-day program involved both formal course work as well as on-the-job technical training at an operations centre.

AITEC's responsibilities included course design, development, materials production for both the trainer's guide and participant's manual, presentation of the course and all logistics for the program. AITEC worked with Telstra International in meeting its 2000/2001 Training Program.

Telstra International - Circuit Performance Analysis

AITEC designed, developed and implemented this program for Telstra International's Viet Nam personnel. This 5-day program involved both formal course work as well as on-the-job technical training at an operations centre. AITEC's responsibilities included course design, development, materials production for both the trainer's guide and participant's manual, presentation of the course and all logistics for the program.

Telstra International - Variety of Programs

AITEC designed, developed and delivered 4 courses for Telstra International that were delivered in Viet Nam and Laos. Two of these, Traffic Forecasting and Teletraffic Engineering were mathematically challenging and once again enhanced our skills in presenting complex concepts in a different culture and learning environment. Intercarrier Traffic Accounting was delivered from a business and financial perspective and again demanded cultural sensitivity and international experience for a good outcome.



AAPT - Legal Code Compliance Review

AITEC reviewed and re-developed a number of telecommunications compliance codes for the carrier AAPT. These codes were updated and "translated" from legal to easily-used and applied actions and scripts for call centres, sales personnel and other administrative personnel supporting AAPT's clients and customers.

AAPT - Introduction to Data Communications

AITEC has designed, developed and made multiple presentations of a program Introduction to Data Communications around Australia to help fast-track the data knowledge up-take of new sales force professionals in one of Australia's largest telecommunications carrier, AAPT Limited.

PT Telkom

PT Telkom - Grad Diploma Telecommunications Systems Management

Based upon the success of the first program (see below), a second program of post-graduate study and training was implemented for PT Telkom (Indonesia). The company was so impressed and committed to the program that it met its financial commitment despite the significant challenges the Asian financial crisis extracted on such businesses.

As before, AITEC's responsibilities included full implementation and logistics including all participant pastoral care and support.

PT Telkom - Grad Diploma Telecommunications Systems Management

The Telecommunications Systems Management (TSM) program was designed to meet the needs of PT Telkom, the largest Indonesian carrier. AITEC's responsibilities spanned three components:

This was an ambitious program for PT Telkom and provided AITEC with the opportunity to demonstrate our skills in complex project management and working with multiple education institutions to deliver a program that truly met the customer's needs. Equally importantly, it demonstrated AITEC's ability to work closely and sensitively with professionals from different business and cultural backgrounds.

Other Projects

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Korea Telecom - Telecom Project Management

AITEC designed, developed and delivered a Sydney based, 5-day program in Project Management for a Telecommunications environment on behalf of Korea Telecom.

AITEC was responsible for the design, development, materials production, presentation and all logistics involved for the participants, guests and presenter.

ITU - Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence Learning Resource Website

An initiative of the ITU's Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications project was to pilot a web-based learning resource. The selected focus for the initial proof-of-concept phase was Policy and Regulation, with 3 topics (Liberalisation & Competition, IP Telephony, Spectrum Management) addressed to demonstrate the capability and market acceptance for the concept.

AITEC's responsibilities were to project manage the initiative, research and select relevant and useful readings from existing web-based resources (including those of the ITU), design and establish the website to ITU requirements, liaise with ITU, demonstrate the website at APEC-TEL 20 and evaluate the website users' responses.

Open Telecommunications - Introduction to Cellular Technologies

AITEC developed and presented this 3-day course to a group of Thai telecommunications engineers as part of a wider 5-day program on behalf of Open Telecommunications Limited.

APEC-TEL - Network Planning and Architecture

APEC-TEL awarded AITEC a project to design, develop and deliver a 5-day program in Network Planning and Architecture, which included a Train the Trainer component. This course was developed in both English and Chinese using formal presentations and video (with translations) and was delivered in Shanghai.

A high standard of materials in two languages was achieved using AITEC's quality processes and AITEC was commended yet again by the USA-based APEC Project Director (Mike McCabe) for its flexibility in meeting challenges and the quality of the project outcomes.

Ericsson - Introduction to Telecommunications

This 5-day program was initiated and designed by Ericsson for one of their clients in Taiwan. AITEC's responsibilities included the development of the program in English, materials production and presentation of the program for the client in Taiwan.

AusAID - Telecommunications Co-operation Training Program (TCTP)

As Managing Agent for AusAID (the Australian Government's international Aid Organisation), AITEC was responsible for the design of the original concept for the $4.5million TCTP project as well as its successful implementation from concept through completion. The project was one of the key elements of the Australian-ASEAN co-operation scheme. A four-year, multi-lateral project involving the then 7 ASEAN member countries and Australia, the project comprised: Aerial antennas

The program demanded sophisticated project management and co-ordination skills as well as sensitivity and finesse when working with senior management and in-country government leaders.

AITEC was able to demonstrate a high level of skill to achieve a successful outcome with this complex and diverse project spanning 24 courses and 6 one-week follow-up modules. The topics covered and the target audiences though diverse in nature, covered all aspects of the successful operation of a telecommunications company at the time and included:

Training Management (IT&T), Telecommunications Accounting, Human Resources Management (IT&T), Intercarrier Traffic Accounting, Project Management (IT&T), Outside Plant Planning and Implementation, Cellular Engineering, Frequency Spectrum Management and Numbering Plan, Telecommunications Office Practice, Managing Outsourcing of Telecommunications Projects, Data Communications, Telecommunications Network Planning & Implementation, Satellite Communications, Telecommunications Quality Control and Standardisation, Signalling in Networks, Overview of High Capacity Transmission Systems, Traffic Engineering, Telecommunications Marketing (IT&T), Network Management, Information Systems for Customer Services, Integrated Digital Services, Information Systems for Telecommunications Operations, Telecommunications Policy & Regulation and Fibre, Microwave, Coaxial Communications.

Further information about specific projects may be obtained upon request.